Shawn Worthington is an experienced commercial real estate broker in New York City, specializing in mid-market investment sales across the five boroughs. As an off-market broker, Worthington provides absolute discretion and elite market knowledge to businesspeople who understand the value of ‘quiet deals’ and honest pricing. 


Worthington has participated in over $200 million of real estate sales transactions to date. He works directly with private and institutional clients, advising them on short-term property management decisions; long-term investment planning options including analyzing the financial consequences of refinancing, selling outright or undertaking a 1031 exchange; and overall strategies for how to maximize the value of a property or portfolio.


Committed to the highest standard of integrity, transparency and professionalism, Worthington and his team seek to build relationships that endure beyond the completion of any single transaction.

B.A., Boston University 

M.A., University of Pennsylvania


220 East 42nd Street I Suite 3102 I New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212.537.9239 I Fax: 212.257.7028 I

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